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Invisishield Technologies Announces the Appointment of Warner C. Greene, M.D., Ph.D. as President and Chief Scientific Officer

Nov 14, 2022

Emeryville, California, November 16, 2022 – InvisiShield Technologies Ltd., a pre-clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing intranasal preventives for major disease-causing respiratory viruses today announced the appointment of Warner C. Greene, M.D., Ph.D., as President and Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Greene, who is also co-founder of InvisiShield, will continue in his role as a Senior Investigator and Senior Advisor at Gladstone Institutes, a nonprofit life science research organization dedicated to overcoming unsolved diseases.

“Warner has had a distinguished 31-year tenure as a virologist at Gladstone, having been the founding director of the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology in 1991, at the height of the AIDS epidemic,” commented Melanie Ott, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Gladstone Institute of Virology. “Like many of us at Gladstone, Warner’s lab rapidly pivoted to work on SARS-CoV-2 in 2020. We are thrilled for Warner that he is now joining InvisiShield to lead an innovative approach to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and reducing the risk of long COVID.”

“My goal is to bring our intranasal preventive spray for SARS-CoV-2 to people faster,” said Dr. Greene. “The current vaccines, while protecting from hospitalization, no longer provide durable protection from infection with the hyper-transmissible, immunoevasive variants now dominating the COVID landscape. Transmission chains remain intact and all those infected are at risk of developing Long COVID. InvisiShield’s nasal spray is developed with a proprietary nasal retention technology that preserves its time in the nasopharynx, providing an extended period of protection. Because of its construction, InvisiShield’s SARS-CoV-2 preventive is predicted to be active against all current and future viral variants. We envision that our product can help prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection in unvaccinated individuals, people with waning immunity, immunocompromised people, and persons in higher risk situations such as on planes, cruise ships, at sporting events, or children in school.”

“We are very pleased that Dr. Greene will take on his new role at InvisiShield as the company continues its momentum and further advances its broadly enabling platform in preventing COVID as well as other respiratory infections,” said Cheng Liu, Ph.D., the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of InvisiShield and Eureka Therapeutics, Inc., which developed the InvisiShield technology.

Dr. Greene is a Senior Investigator and Senior Advisor at Gladstone, where he was also Founding Director of the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology and the Nick and Sue Hellmann Distinguished Professor. In addition, he is a Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Dr. Greene received his BA degree with great distinction from Stanford University and his MD and PhD degrees with honors from Washington University School of Medicine. He completed his internship and residency training in Internal Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard and then served as a senior investigator at the National Cancer Institute from 1979-1986 where he started his own laboratory. In 1987, he became Professor of Medicine at Duke University Medical Center and an Investigator in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute before joining Gladstone in 1991. Dr. Greene is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is also a past councilor and president of the Association of American Physicians.


The InvisiShield COVID-19 intranasal preventive (IS101) is designed as a topical daily use nasal spray to provide immediate protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection, regardless of a person’s vaccination or immune system status. IS101 binds SARS-CoV-2 and has a proprietary nasal retention technology. It has the capacity to both “capture and kill” all major current and potential future SARS-CoV-2 variants in the nasal cavity, the primary entry point of infection. In pre-clinical studies, IS101 provided at least 10 hours of protection against infection in mice exposed to the highest viral load tested (107 pseudotyped virus particles administered intra-nasally) at the lowest dose of 200 ug.


Founded by Dr. Warner Greene and Dr. Cheng Liu with technologies originally developed by Eureka Therapeutics, Inc., InvisiShield Technologies Ltd. (formerly known as InvisiMask Technologies Ltd.) is a pre-clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing intranasal preventives to prevent COVID-19 from all major current and potential future SARS-CoV-2 variants using our proprietary “capture and kill” technology. Our proprietary technology platform can be applied to other respiratory viruses, including influenza and RSV.

InvisiShield Technologies Ltd. is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information on InvisiShield, please visit


InvisiShield Technologies Ltd.


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